Kate's Kart Ice Cream Social

June 26, 2021'

Various Northeast Locally Owned Ice Cream Shops


Ice Scream. You Scream. We all scream for

Kate's Kart ICE CREAM!

Through partnerships with local ice cream shops, we are able to safely host our main fundraising event to raise awareness of Kate’s Kart as well as drive patrons to our local businesses for a sweet treat. Due to the success of last year’s event and for the continued safety of patrons and volunteers, we will again partner with local ice cream shops this year to host our event this year on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

Join us, along with Kate's Kart volunteers, at any of the participating shops.  Support local small businesses and celebrate Kate's Kart.  Volunteers will be on site handing out goodie bags, playing games and collecting donations to support our mission.

2021 Ice Cream Shop Partners

Sweet Sanity (Huntertown) Kate's Kart volunteers from 1-9:  Shop Hours: 1 - 9pm

Sweets on Main (Fort Wayne) Kate's Kart volunteers from 2-8:  Shop Hours: 12 - 10pm

Just Cream (Fort Wayne)  Kate's Kart volunteers from 2-10:  Shop Hours  2 - 10pm

Rusty's Ice Cream (Fort Wayne) Kate's Kart volunteers from 1-9:  Shop Hours 1-10pm

The Frozen Spoon (Leo) Kate's Kart volunteers from 2-4:  Shop Hours 2-Midnight

The Tasty Spoon (Hartford City)  Shop Hours 11am-10pm

Iceburg Ice Cream (Albany) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 2-8:  Shop Hours 12-10pm

The Brown House (Auburn) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 10-4:  Shop Hours 10am-4pm

The Bliss Dish (LaGrange) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 2-5  Shop Hours 1-9pm

Chillz (North Manchester) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 3-9: Shop Hours 2-10pm

Kelainey's (Winona Lake) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 2-6:   Shop Hours 10-10:30pm

Scoops, Ice Cream (Angola) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 2 - 8:  Shop Hours 12-10pm

Carol's Corner (South Whitley) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 1 - 7:  Shop Hours 11-8pm

The Old 27 Ice Cream Shop (Decatur) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 3-7:  Shop Hours 3-10pm

Moo-Over (Columbia City) Kate's Kart Volunteers from 2-6:  Shop Hours 11-10pm

2021 Ice Cream Social Sponsors