My name is Jessica Hunter. My husband and I welcomed our baby boy into the world on September 28, 2013, at Ball Memorial Hospital. We were over the moon. Then, two days later our world came crashing down. Our baby boy developed a terrible infection, later found out to be spinal meningitis. We spent a total of 28 days in the NICU at Ball Memorial Hospital. A NICU stay has to be one of the hardest things my husband and I have ever experienced, and keeping our spirits up was difficult. That is why we were so thankful for Kate’s Kart. We loved seeing the kart full of books! The books were symbolic to us for two reasons. One was that we could we read to our baby boy in the hospital which brought some normalcy to a situation we never imagined would happened. The second being that these books would be going home with our baby boy, and after having a baby almost not make it through his first week, this was huge in keeping our spirits up. We still have these books and read them often! We tell our son each time we read one of Kate’s books that he got this book while he was in the hospital. Our son’s favorite is a book called SMILE. Kate’s Kart is such an amazing program that my husband and myself appreciate so much