Caitlyn E

Kate’s Kart impacted me in a way I didn’t even realize until later. My twin girls were born unexpectedly at 32 weeks. We were in the NICU for 30 days, and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the Kart would make its rounds and provide a book to each of the girls. When they came by, they would always ask us how we were doing, how the girls were doing, and ask if they could peek in to see them. Now looking back those little gestures meant so much to me. At the time, my mind was all over the place. As a new mom and in the NICU, you are exhausted both emotionally and physically, and it can be lonely. We did our best to read them a book each day we were there, and it was a way to feel connected in a time where nothing felt normal. What should be a fun and an enjoyable time is very scary when faced with babies in the NICU. Looking back, I was and am thankful for such a wonderful organization, Kate’s Kart, who can help parents when faced with a challenging situation and provide opportunities to feel connected with their child/children.