I would like to purchase some new books as a donation. What guidelines should I follow when selecting the books?

Kate’s Kart strives to keep our karts stocked with current, popular books in BRAND NEW CONDITION. Please use the following guidelines when selecting books to purchase:

  • Books must be BRAND NEW and recently published books.
  • Books should be popular, current titles.
  • Interactive books are the most popular.  These include:  lift the flap, musical, touch and feel, Busy Books and books that come with a toy.
  • Small books from dollar stores do not provide enough material to distract the child.   We would much prefer 1 interactive well known book over 10 small dollar store books.
  • Ask your children what books they would enjoy reading if they were in the hospital.
  • Check out our Wish List for our most needed books. This will insure your donation will “fly” off the karts with excitement as opposed to sitting on our karts or in storage.