COVID-19 and its effects on Kate’s Kart

COVID 19 has drastically redefined a new normal for so many of us. Our world is in crisis and the effects on each one of us is far reaching. As of March 13, our amazing team of volunteers are no longer in the hospitals.  We have reached out to the hospital staff, offering our services in whichever way meets their needs. Outlying hospitals with Karts in the Emergency Rooms have taken safety precautions with the books, but are still distributing books to kids who find themselves in the Emergency Rooms. Hospital staff, nurses and child-life specialists are still giving books to kids who are inpatient…whether the precious newborns in the NICU, the kids battling cancer and those with injuries or illness that require hospitalization. Kids are continuing to receive books. We will continue to work with each hospital to provide books, in a safe manner, so that the kids who find themselves in the hospital are provided a glimpse of normalcy and distraction during this crisis.

We know that closings of schools and churches, along with meeting cancellations of clubs, philanthropic groups and even foundations will have a drastic effect both financially and with in-kind gifts of new books. Plus, our office is closed to the public and those who bring in donations of books and money. Our mission is accomplished through the generosity of so many. We are grateful that we had a strong 2019; however it is a scary time for everyone, including non-profits. Our hope is that things will return to normal soon, but since our mission is in the hospitals (the frontline of this crisis), we know it may take a little longer to get back to normal. Books are still getting to children and a little bit of comfort is shared in an even scarier time. Continued support of Kate’s Kart is crucial at this time so that our team can continue providing books to our hospital communities.